Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hyped Creativity

Animal foot

Body feature


Functional ( Woo~ )

I'm total love it~~ aesthetic, architecture, AWSOME!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

美容英文術語 for 髮型行業


洗頭:shampoo /:hair shampoo燙髮:permanent
剪髮:cut/hair cutting染髮:color/hair coloring
吹頭(髮):blow/blowdrying護髮:treatment/hair treatment
洗澡:take a bath收工:It's is close'd
趕快:hurry up /quickly小費:tip
結帳:pay the bill較貴:expensive
扎頭:hair setting髮型設計:hair design
手指捲法:pin curl化粧:make up
按摩:massage全套服務:full service
快速服務:quick service免費服務:free service
指甲保養:nail care

Daily Darwing 28Jul10

Central parting style, nude tone, stronge shoulder ( boring... but i also love it )

Daily Darwing 27Jul10

Red eyes, red lip, red blet, red shose, red red red........ ( I love his big mouth XD )

Friday, July 23, 2010

My Old Theme

My 3 theme of my fashion design homework.
Have some massage inside each one.
Get some inspiration from here and enjoy it!

《 Corrupt Garden corrupt garden in your heart
Corrupt garden is a place inside of your deep mind, When you go in, you will stop thinking anything in there, just enjoy the relax mood. (Waste your time...)

the Deep after that, we will be...
Do you know what is Globe Warming? Do you know the civilization will sink in the sea?Do you know... after that, we will be.... become extinct?evolution?

和羽 please, don't come third times
和=和平(peace) 羽=白鴿羽毛=(peace dove feather). I don't want the world war III appear in our world. I don't like it, totally dislike. I Love Peace~!!!!!!!!!!!!